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Toyota Will Produce a Fifth-Generation Prius

Author: Derek-BoshouwersPublished:  12/10/2021
Toyota Will Produce a Fifth-Generation Prius Toyota Will Produce a Fifth-Generation Prius

There’s some irony in Toyota getting fingers pointed at it recently for its foot-dragging in terms of becoming a more eco-conscious corporate citizen. After all, the Japanese automaker was out far ahead of the curve with its hybrid vehicles in the late 1990s, most notably with the ungainly but trusty Prius, which is now on its fourth generation.

As other carmakers ventured into the hybrid domain, the Prius lost the advantage of uniqueness, of course. Even within the Toyota lineup, other hybrid models were introduced to give buyers more choices.

You might conclude then that a model this old and faced with so much newer competition might be a candidate for the chopping block. Not so, however. Toyota has confirmed it will produce a fifth generation of the model, and it could arrive as early as next year (as a 2023 model).

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Toyota believes a next-gen Prius – like the very first model in fact - would be a good host for new hybrid powertrain technology. While it’s not confirmed, the next edition could feature a combustion engine component that burns… hydrogen. That’s something the automaker has been working on for a few years already.

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